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“Lisa brings the characters to life, you get the bad and good that goes a long with getting to know each person in this wonderfully written series…” —Amazon Review

”Another coming of age story from Lisa Loomis. It's full of steamy sex and romance. Very entertaining and highly recommended.” —Amazon Review

“I loved all her characters and especially Ryan. I have read "Boy in a Band" and "Casanova Cowboy" both of which I also loved. "Racing Through Cornfields" is the prequel to "Casanova Cowboy" although you wouldn't have to read one to understand the other, but do!” —Amazon Review

Book Description

A courageous, emotionally charged story about love, loss, and finding one’s self. 

Ryan Walker can’t wait to set out and conquer the world with his buddies. With high school graduation on the horizon their talk of leaving the rural farming town of Belleville, New York is on the verge of reality. As Ryan gets more excited about the impending change his buddies start getting cold feet. Is Ryan strong enough in his resolve to stick to the plan?