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“Lisa brings the characters to life, you get the bad and good that goes a long with getting to know each person in this wonderfully written series…” —Amazon Review

”Another coming of age story from Lisa Loomis. It's full of steamy sex and romance. Very entertaining and highly recommended.” —Amazon Review

“I loved all her characters and especially Ryan. I have read "Boy in a Band" and "Casanova Cowboy" both of which I also loved. "Racing Through Cornfields" is the prequel to "Casanova Cowboy" although you wouldn't have to read one to understand the other, but do!” —Amazon Review

Book Description

Ryan Walker and his friends, Mark, Owen, Barry, and David spend countless hours in the cornfields drinking, talking about girls, and general life aspirations. No matter what, the conversation always seems to circle back to getting out of dodge. Not wanting to end up like their parents stuck in a small town with unfulfilled dreams, Ryan and his friends are determined to conquer the world, or so they think.

With high school graduation not far away the talk of leaving the rural farming town of Belleville, New York is on the verge of reality. Ryan out of all of his friends starts to look seriously at taking that leap of faith because milking cows two times a day and smelling like manure doesn’t feel like much of a future.

The group of boys that grew up attending the same school for twelve years, playing basketball, and doing teenage shenanigans have a grown-up decision to make. For Ryan after finding out that Barry, his best friend, slept with his girl the choice is easy.

Uncertain of what tomorrow will bring Ryan Walker sets out to become more than a small town farm boy. With his life packed into his CJ5 Jeep Ryan sees his hometown grow smaller and smaller in his rearview mirror as he drives out of town.

Is Ryan strong enough in his resolve to make his way in the world or will he end up back in his small town where people only talk about leaving?