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“This is a story of love. This is a story of pain. A story of life altering loss and redemption…” —Amazon Review

“The character development is outstanding! You really feel what the characters are feeling. She explains EVERYTHING as she is writing which, to me, puts me right there next to the characters. I am so glad to be able to read about Morgan as Morgan......not Morgan as Morgan/Matthew…—Amazon Review

“…chest would actually ache and I would tear up because I was FEELING the book. Sometime I would find myself giggling or laughing out loud because of something that I read. I absolutely love books that can make you feel as if you're living it…” —Amazon Review

Book Description

A coming of age romance where love is messy and yet full of surprises.

Morgan Mallory’s choices haven’t always been good ones, but the day she steals her boyfriend’s truck in an act of revenge turns out to be one of her worst. Struggling to drown out the horrific sound of crushing metal and breaking glass sets in motion the realization that something big has to change in her life. In a desperate attempt to find clarity Morgan decides to move to a small mountain town for the winter.