Back To Boardwalk

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Short Story Description

Stepping off the plane Morgan Mallory, now forty-seven, knows being back in San Jose, California is going to bring back entirely too many memories. With her family in tow, this trip is more than just the usual getaway. It’s a step back into the past.

Walking through the familiar airport terminal Morgan is flooded with vivid images of Mathew O’Conner, her first love. She can almost see him leaning casually against the wall waiting with a sexy smile on his face. Practically hear his voice the time Mathew sauntered up to her in surprise when she was expecting Gayle to pick her up.

As Morgan’s husband pulls the rental car out of the parking lot and heads towards Santa Cruz she stares out the window. Morgan can’t help but hope this trip will finally set her free from the picture show that has continued to play in her head since she heard the news.

Will retracing some of the steps that she and Mathew took ultimately help or further haunt her?