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I loved the Horse named Joe! It took me right there with the girls. It was so descriptive I can see the characters in my mind. I didn’t want it to end.—Amazon Review

“A good old reflecting on life book is always fun to find, particularly when it is written by someone who does their research, both in terms of their setting, dialects, and cultural traditions. More importantly, it is nice to see an author do their research on the human spirit as well..” Amazon Review

“…Her in-depth character development always amazes me. This book follows a prior investment baker who has lost touch with her soul among many other facets of her life…” —Amazon Review

Book Description

An investment banker from Wall Street sets out to regain control of her life two years after the crash.

Stepping from the ferryboat onto the weathered wooden dock at the Green Turtle Bay Club, Roni breathes in the humid ocean air. Faraway from the city she calls home she is instantly struck by the noiselessness of the quaint island. Setting down her over-packed suitcase she takes in the gleaming turquoise water, white sand beach, and light blue cloudless sky. As an immense sense of freedom rushes over her she wonders if the small island can give her the inner peace she’s been longing for.