A Horse Named Joe

Book Description

Stepping from the ferryboat onto the weathered wooden dock at the Green Turtle Bay Club, Roni Dugan breathes in the humid ocean air. Faraway from the city she calls home she is instantly struck by the noiselessness of the quaint island. Unhurriedly setting down her over-packed suitcase she takes in the gleaming turquoise water, white sand beach, and light blue cloudless sky.

An immense sense of freedom rushes over Roni as the stresses of her high-paying job that vanished overnight, the craziness of Wall Street, money worries, and her strained marriage seem to fade into thin air. A fleeting image of Mack, her husband, almost demanding she take a month to get away in a last-ditch effort to clear her head crosses her mind. With a smile Roni can’t help but appreciate his recommendation of Green Turtle Cay, the very place they had spent their honeymoon so many eons ago.

Picking up her suitcase she slowly makes her way down the creaky deserted dock feeling her excitement build about exploring the tranquil three-mile long island alone. Yet with each step there is a small voice inside her head questioning whether this getaway can bring her the inner peace she longs for