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What readers have to say about "BOY IN A BAND" 5* :

Rated by @TotallyBooked1 2014 must read Review

I just loved this book, the author keeps you in romantic suspense as you travel through the two life's, from adolescents through adulthood. The sexual tension between the protagonist and the girl is electric and you can not put this book down. I lived through the 1970's and can actually put myself in the shoes of Morgan, the girl. Her life revolves around the boy in the band, and the intertwining of their lives for 30 years is amazing. I highly recommend this first time author and look forward to her next book.

Deborah Gustlin, 50 years old, Morgan Hill, CA

This compelling book is about Morgan, a teenage girl who finds herself strongly attracted to a boy who is a family friend. The relationship doesn’t evolve in the usual way and the reader is drawn to continue reading to see what Morgan will do. The book will bring you back to the freedom, sex and drugs of the 70s. This is one of those books that calls you to keep reading. If the word gets out, this book will make it to the New York Times Bestseller List.

Nancy Cox, 53 years old, San Diego, CA

I dug this book.  It took me back in time.  I could see the characters, smell the smells, and hear the songs.  The author’s descriptive ability captivated me.

Rich Williams, 52 years old, Park City, UT

"The book is an easy read.  As a first novel, the author, does an amazing job describing Morgan's love for Mathew.  From true innocence and the emotions as felt through the heart of a teenager, to the complete understanding and acceptance of another human being, leading to one's own personal growth and understanding of herself.
As the author so artfully and thoroughly shares the angst, confusion, laughter, joy and loss of such an intense relationship, the reader can not help but feel the emotion and become a part of Morgan's life. Anyone who has felt the intensity, and sometimes insanity of a first love, will be able to relate to this story.
This reader looks forward to reading future works by Lisa Loomis."
Carrie Oliver, 50 years old, Vernal, UT

In Boy in a Band, Lisa Loomis's ability to capture the pathos that accompanies unrequited love is palpable. I think every woman has had a Mathew in their life. Someone who touches you so deeply and leaves an indelible mark, a mark in which all other loves thereafter are compared."

Julianne Phillips, Malibu, CA

Got home last night from a trip and picked up your book. Read until late, got up this morning a couple cups of coffee later and just finished.  You know, in the end, even an old crusty unable to love a 100% guy like me had tears running down his cheeks.  Good job; was especially interesting to see love from a woman's coming of age side. I understand the other side...

Neal Kaufman, 55 years old, Mound, MN

Morgan woke from a dream.  I then began to emotionally experience where her journey with Mathew would lead her.  Thank you for a great story of love & perseverance & realizing what we want isn't always what we need.