Current Projects

Horse named Joe is finished and edited and seeking an agent.

A Horse Named Joe
At forty nine Roni Dugan thought she was living the dream with her high level investment banker position at Lehman Brothers, that is of course until the financial meltdown of 2008. When the dust settled she was left without a job and little hope of replacing it. Two years later, her ego in shambles, and her marriage on shaky ground, because of it, her husband encourages her to get away. Roni chooses a very small island in the Bahamas where she honeymooned twenty plus years ago. Surprisingly the island is very much the same although this time she is looking at it, and the goings on, from a different perspective.

Racing through Cornfields is finished and currently being edited.
A coming of age story, upper end young adult.

They Told me I couldn’t be a Mommy 
Based on a true story of a disabled girl—currently in process.