Thursday, July 17, 2014

Author guest post

Author Guest Post on JERSEY GIRL SIZZLING BOOK REVIEWS (link below) Love/Hate Boy In A Band I have readers tell me they love, love, love, the book and others that tell me they love and hate it. It is a story that will make a reader feel, whatever that emotion is. I myself love and hate Mathew. There are things about him that are endearing and then there are times you'd like to wring his neck or knock some sense into him. Morgan felt that very same way. She knew he was her drug, not always good to, or for her, but couldn't help herself. Morgan met Mathew when she was just going on thirteen and just getting to the stage in her life that she noticed boys. What Morgan sees in Mathew is the boy she met then, the one she played tag with, listened to music in his room, had long talks, walked on the beach with. She got to know Mathew before he was really “the boy in the band” and this is the person she continues to love. When a reader asks why does she go back and back for more, it’s because that is the Mathew she wants to see, the boy of old, and in him she still finds those glimpses on occasions. I know Morgan can frustrate a reader as well because of this. You may want to shake her on occasion, but one must remember their own young/first love, most are not rationale. I think many women have had a Mathew type in their life at one time or another. A man they logically know is not good for them, but they continue on anyway. That is Morgan Mallory. One of the things some readers don’t tend to see is that she finally figures it out, as slow and hard as it is for her. She realizes she deserves more, that she can’t stand by and wait for him to find the next girl around the corner, which she knows is inevitable. Boy In A Band is not your predictable rock star romance novel. The ending may not be what you hoped for, but you have to see that Morgan did get her HEA. She did move on to find true love and a good solid true love. The sequel to Boy In A Band is Casanova Cowboy (contemporary romance) and there is a prequel to Casanova Cowboy, Racing Through Cornfields (contemporary coming of age) Ryan Walker's story. See all my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. SEE THE REVIEW AT LINK BELOW.......or on Facebook at Lisa Loomis Books

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tour hosting "Boy In A Band" blog tour today see the review on her site and on Facebook LisaLoomisBooks Tour 7/7 to 7/31

Monday, June 30, 2014


"BOY IN A BAND" recent review: Just finished Boy in the Band. Holy Ugly Cry. It was beautiful and painful and perfect. Of course I wanted them to find each other again, but that would have been bullshit. It never could work between them. Bravo for being authentic…

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

July Blog Tour

Watch for the upcoming blog tour of "Boy In A Band" in July!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today is an errand day..........after yesterday and trying to get stuff out with my crappy Internet its a relief. Told Dennis we might have to move, soooooooo frustrating. New book received by editor.......waiting for the whipping!