Friday, December 12, 2014

99 pennies

“Hand me my sweats,” I asked.
Britt picked my grey tatty sweats up off the chair across the room and handed them to me. I rolled onto the edge of the bed and slipped them on before I turned on the bedside light. The light blinded me a second, and I rubbed my eyes again. When I looked up at her, she too was blinking from the bright light. I smiled to myself seeing she was wearing an oversized shirt of mine, an old 49er T-shirt, something she had taken from me, and slept in often. The T-shirt was like a security blanket to her, comforted her. She grinned, but it was awkward, and I sensed a little fear. 

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Thursday, December 11, 2014


I try to get up every day with a positive attitude on my writing (today is not one of them). Get a work out in, and then get ready to write. It's not always easy as other life factors come into play, like book work for our construction company, or groceries (really we have to eat?). I write at a desk in our loft, where I have a view outside. Today the sky is grey and there is snow on the the view today is not to motivating either. SIGH. BUT I can be unmotivated and do nothing, or do something, so, SIGH, I'll give myself a kick and get going.......

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why? How? Keep writing? 3 parts


I thought I would give you 3 parts to my writing. First is why:

I started writing at a young age, thoughts, feelings, things like that. I graduated to short stories and remember in college taking a creative writing class were the teacher was critical and always wore two different colored shoes, not because she was being funny, but that she couldn't tell the difference (one dark blue one black). Right? How critical should that person be? But something about her stuck with always shoot to be better. So when I wrote "Boy In A Band" it was out of passion, out of love I had for an amazingly talented musician, out of loss. When I finished, after numerous starts and stops, I thought now what? I hadn't intended to write another book............ So in sticking to the "why",  I write because I feel the story. I don't pick you out of a 20-30ish, middle class, likes rock maybe I should. No, I write because I FEEL it, and I want the reader to FEEL it too. The characters formulate in my head and if I take a break they pester me until I get back at it. So that is WHY I write.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


“Good evenin',” a very large Bahamian woman said with a smile.
“Good evening,” Roni said.
The woman had enormous breasts, like a shelf jutting from her chest. The white blouse she wore barely stretching over them. Roni unconsciously adjusted her bra, what a load that would be to carry.
“Wha' kin I he'p ya wid?”
“I’ll start with a glass of white wine, pinot grigio or a chardonnay.”
“We have bof.”

The woman shifted onto her other hip and Roni’s eyes were again drawn to her chest. It was no doubt something she was quite used to.

Escape to a small tropical island

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Saturday, December 6, 2014


Writing today. Set where?

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New cover

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I gave Joe a new cover. It's a picture from the Bahamas, where the story takes place. It is not about a horse per say. It is about an investment banker that goes to Green Turtle Cay and discovers a whole other world and culture....Joe becomes a symbol of what she's been missing in her life.

So......risk the 99 pennies and walk down the white sand beach with Roni.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

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